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Greer Addiction Treatment Centers offers individuals that have a drug or alcohol addiction a complimentary service in pairing them with one of the many high-quality addiction treatment centers in our extensive network. When you are in the middle of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can be quite difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and imagine that there is anything for you outside of substance abuse and addiction. But this is not the case and you can break free from your addiction if you get the right type of help and assistance in doing so.

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What Is an Addiction?

One of the many reasons that so many people have trouble understanding how to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol is because they do not fully understand addictions in general. When a person has an addiction, they are dependent on a drug or alcohol. This dependency is not only mental or emotional but is also physical in nature.

The addiction that a person has to drugs or alcohol causes them to be unable to control themselves when it comes to substance abuse and the substance that they are addicted to in general. For example, an alcoholic will be able to turn down an alcoholic beverage that is offered to them and will not be able to stop at one drink. The same is true of a person with a drug addiction. They will not be able to partake in just a little but will have to use the substance to excess.

There are several reasons for this inability to control one's behavior when it comes to substance abuse. The first is mental and emotional in that the person becomes addicted to the feelings that the drug or alcohol give them when they are consumed.

Most of these substances cause some sense of euphoria which is a desirable sense of extreme contentment and pleasure. Many people first become addicted to this feeling before they even become otherwise addicted to the drug or alcohol.

The mental side of an addiction is just one component though. There is also the physical side of an addiction. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, they start out with what is considered to be a "normal" brain. This means that it is chemically well-balanced and that it can function on its own without the influence of any chemical substances.

However, every time a person uses an addictive substance, it interacts with those chemicals in the brain and throws them off-balance. The brain overcompensates to correct for this balance and eventually will stay in the overcompensated state to await signals from the drug. This creates a chemical, physical dependency on the addictive substance and makes the addiction extremely difficult to break.

Is Recovery a Possibility?

Given the all-encompassing nature of a drug or alcohol addiction, it is understandable that you might be wondering whether or not it is even possible to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. The good news is that addiction recovery is possible. The bad news is that you cannot go it alone.

Drugs and alcohol have such a profound influence on the person with an addiction, from their thoughts and emotions to the physical structure of their brain that it is just not possible for that person to see their addiction clearly and to achieve the lucidity necessary to successfully overcome an addiction all on their own.

How Greer Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help

Greer Addiction Treatment Centers serves as a confidential aid that can help you find that perfect match in addiction rehab centers. Call us today at (864) 990-4607 to find out more about our complimentary services.

If and when you call in to speak to an advisor, the first step to the process will be to answer a few questions about yourself and your addiction. You will be able to explain your situation, what you want or need from a treatment center, and the health insurance coverage that you have, as well as other factors that play into finding you an addiction treatment center.

For example, if you are looking for a drug rehab in Greer or an alcohol rehab in Greer, these preferences will be prioritized by your advisor. They will then use the information you share to find you an addiction treatment center that meets your requirements. Call us now at (864) 990-4607 to get started.

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